Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Gosh - Golden Brown

So today is day 3 of my mani with Prince Charming! Can you believe it? I normally change my polish every day/every other at the very least. I just can't get enough of Prince Charming though. I had some tipwear - not alot, could have got another days worth - but just really couldn't be bothered to remove it and start again, so instead I decided to do a little layering.

I put one layer of Gosh Golden Brown over the top of PC.

I can just sum this colour up by likening to a bar of galaxy caramel. It looks simply edible. This is a little sheer as you can still see the tipwear, but it's fine over another colour.

I bought this in the beginning of the year. It was in a basket of discounted random stuff put at the tills in my local Superdrug - so don't know if it's continued or what?

Anyway, it's Thursday tomorrow which means we're at the home run til the weekend!



  1. I got this one too! It was 50% off can't go wrong!

  2. It is lovely and half price Gosh = bonus! :)