Monday, 7 June 2010

Superdrug MUA - Shade 5

Hello everyone. This is pretty late for me so I'm going to be quick because my eyelids want to shut!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I stumbled across the new £1 make-up range that Superdrug are now doing - Makeup Academy. I got 3 polishes and a really sparkly gold glitter eyeliner (maybe I'll do an FOTD with it?)

These are shade 1 - the deep sapphire shimmer, shade 2 - the black, I actually didn't own a plain black until this :O, and shade 5 - the Tiffany style blue/green.

I decided to give shade 5 a whirl and this was the result.

Taken so you can see the likeness to the Tiffany blue? Is it blue or green? I need help on this one! Anyway, this was 3 coats. I still have a slightly vnl but I quite like it. I actually really liked the look it had with 2 coats (definately more noticable vnl) but decided to do a 3rd to see the true colour. Oh, and sorry for the huge flash - it was night time :(

These are pretty good little polishes! They have a really wide choice of shades and are lovely colours too. I am guessing that for the darker colours you may need more layers than the lighter ones, but we will see. I think that the blue is next on my list to swatch - it's such a deep and sparkly sapphire colour.

Has anyone else got any of these yet?


  1. I like the comparison against a Tiffany box! I couldn't do that as I don't have anything from Tiffany's. I've bought these but swapped them away and I went to get some for myself and the display had gone from the Superdrug I go to! Weird. I love this shade, good effort MUA!

  2. Aaah! It was all on a flimsy plastic stand so maybe they're going to do the same where I went! I hope not...and as for the Tiffany's box, well let's say it was when I was new in my relationship and the boy wanted to make a good impression! Now 4 years later not even flowers from the garage. Lol. I guess I don't need stuff like that now because we have each other...and alll that sickening crap!

  3. Weird I just swatched the blue one and blogged about it right this minute, great minds think alike eh? :P I have that mint green in my giveaway, mind if I link to your post so people know what it looks like? Email me at if you'd rather I didn't.

  4. Hey! It is really stunning isn't it! I keep looking at my nails all day today lol.

    I don't mind you linking at all :)

    Tilly x

  5. I love this one.....good in 2 coats too.