Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ciate - Mine's a Mocha

Hello all.

I have another Ciate from my buy the other day. Today we are back to work appropriate colours so I thought Mine's A Mocha would be the perfect choice.

It's a lovely rich milk chocolate colour - it honestly looks edible!

It applied really well. These nail varnishes have a lovely wide brush so each layer was only 2 brush strokes and this is 2 coats. AND I even wrapped my nails this time - something I never do. AND I didn't use top coat because mine's run out and so just used Avon Quick Dry Drops AND it dried pretty quickly about 15 mins and they weren't dentable. It may have dried quicker, but I didn't want to risk testing earlier than that! Considering this is the first time I've let my nails dry without a quick dry top coat for about 8 months, it wasn't too traumatic.

Do you like this colour? I think it's quite chic for the office.


  1. Perfect work-colour. Anytime colour. Ciate is a brand I don't have yet. Hmmm.

  2. I would definately buy this brand again and would be happy to pay the full £8ish for one if I think the colour is unique enough.

  3. Very cute! I've never tried Ciate before, but I think the packaging is adorable!

  4. wow this is gorgeous too (clicked over from Downtown Brown post), i might have to buy! love brown / reds.
    Amina x