Sunday, 20 June 2010

Orly Luxe...Liquid Gold!

Happy Father's Day!

FYI Magic Attraction = a cow to remove. I need to invest in pure acetone I think!

Today I decided to try out Orly Luxe as Rebecca fancied them last week when I asked you guys which ones you wanted to see.

This is simply stunning. It is a really sexy gold that actually looks nice on me! My skin tone is actually less pink in real life. The gold is quite yellow but not trashy and it has micro shimmer throughout which gives it the foil effect. I expect it would shine beautifully in the sun, but there isn't any in England today, so I took a picture with flash instead.

This is like liquid gold - I can't stop staring at my nails. This is 2 coats by the way with top and base coat.

Tomorrow I'm going to get started on the Misa's :) Can't wait!!

Have a lovely relaxing Sunday.



  1. That Luxe is lovely. Foils are pretty hard to shift too.

  2. Ooohh no! They are pretty dazzling though. Do you use acetone? I'm not really sure where to get it from. Maybe just Ebay?

  3. Have you tried using tinfoil to get your glitters off? It's amazing!

    you wrap remover-soaked cotton round your nail, then wrap your finger in tinfoil. Leave for about 5 mins and the polish will slide right off!

    Thanks for posting this Orly, it's stunning!

  4. Oooh that's an amazing tip Rebecca. I will be trying this next time for sure! Thank you :)