Saturday, 19 June 2010

Oooooh Lot's of Goodies!

Good afternoon everybody...I'm so glad it's Saturday :) This is going to be a very long post - I'm warning you now!

I've got soooo many goodies to show you today - I'm very excited.

First of all I got my giveaway prize in the post. (Technically I received this yesterday, but my mother didn't tell me until about an hour ago!!)

Aaah!! Look at them all! I got a mini OPI Absolutely Alice(!!!!!LOVE THIS JENNI!!!) and Off With Her Red. Then the beauties that are the Misa's. Dirty, Sexy, Money, Runway Diva and Pour Me Something Tall and Strong AND Jenni gave me some pretty sequin thingys :) I love the green ones, they're all mermaidy. I am currently thinking of some awesome design to use them in. The white and blue ones are making me think of snow or maybe I could try doing a cloud with the white ones. That's a good idea actually lol. And last but not least, I got a Minerals eyeshadow in Bronze Turquoise. I have green eyes so this is going to look lovely :)

I'm so grateful for all of these prizes and thank you JENNI at nailpolishUK for being so generous. I will definately be posting swatches of all of these soon. I absolutely adore all of these colours!!! I am so lucky :DSo last night after the DISASTER that was the England football team (mostly Wayne Flippin' Rooney - what was his problem last night???) I decided to cheer myself up. I wanted to try and experiment with Color Club Magic Attraction to see if I could get it to look a bit like Mad as a Hatter. Here's my result.

(You're seeing my right hand because I started with the glitter on my left hand, then realised I hadn't taken a photo of the black. It was insanely hard to get a good pic of my un-normal hand! Lol.)

Firstly I did one coat of MUA Shade 2 and ladies...this is a one coater! It is so perfect. Really, really black and glossy. I didn't use a top coat with this and the dry time was under 10 minutes! I cannot rant enough about this one. Then I topped it with 2 coats of Magic Attraction...

With flash above and without below

Not too close, but still really very pretty. Magic Attraction is a mostly light pink glitter, but also has holo glitter which makes it sparkle something special. I must say though, that with 2 coats of Essie Good to Go, I can still feel the glitter a bit, which is annoying.

Now I have a couple of questions for you...The size of my collection is growing quite rapidly and I seem to be running out of room in my shoe box for all my lovelies. My questions to you are: how do you store your polishes? And how do you organise them? Colour, brand, type? There are just so many options I don't know where to start.

Any help would be highly appreciated :)

If you're reading this bit then well done for keeping with me! lol.


  1. That looks really pretty :) I use these little plastic storage boxes from Ikea. I sort by brand and then colour within the brand :)

  2. Oooh thank you. That sounds very organised - just what I need! :)

  3. Glad you like them. I can never stick to a system. My stuff is in boxes and on my desk and other places.
    Good recommendation on the MUA.
    I have tried to sort by colour.
    Then I tried brand. Chaos now rules.

  4. Ooo black 1 coats are always good, the primark one is a 1 coater too

    I use clear boxes from poundland for mine - organise by brand then I have a smaller box for untrieds!

  5. Think it's a bit harsh to blame the crapness on Rooney :p
    Jen is sooo sweet! great prize :)

  6. Jenni: This is probably how mine are going to end up! But I am going to give the whole organised thing a try. Lol.

    Rebekah: I keep looking at the Primark range and think I might pick some up. I think I remember seeing that they said they are UV reactive too! Interesting. And I'm going to have a look in Poundland now. Sounds like a good idea!

    Rebecca: It is harsh I'll agree but I feel like he's just got an attitude like he thinks he's too good to play. I reckon put someone on there who doesn't get paid so much and they're going to want to try to prove themselves and try harder than the ones who already have it all? I watched Cameroon yesterday and they all tried SO hard, yet they're now knocked out. It's a shame.