Thursday, 24 June 2010

Orly - Monroe's Red

Firstly, well done England for yesterday :) I must also say that I LOVE David James. Can you believe he is 40 on 1st August?

I have for you today an older Orly - Monroe's Red. Tomorrow I am giving blood for the first time and thought this was fitting.

I was searching for a classic pin-up red on ebay earlier this year, found this and it was exactly what I was after. I really love it - as you can see from the lack of varnish in the bottle. This is 2 coats of perfectness with base and top coat. I know you can see my nail lines on some fingers, but this is not visible in real life.


Click on the picture and you can see in the middle of the big O the goldy microshimmer. Although you can't really see this too much in real lighting, it does make this an interesting little polish.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. That is SOOOOOOOO beautiful. Good luck with the ol' blood-donating.

  2. Gorgeous! David James does look really good for his age, I agree! Hopefully your use of this colour will bring England luck on Sunday.