Monday, 21 June 2010

Misa - Dirty, Sexy, Money!

Hi everyone. Hope you are ok this Monday.

Today I have the pleasure of showing you Misa's Dirty, Sexy, Money. This is a stunning merky green with a hint of teal. It's really hard to describe actually. Think khaki and then add a hint of blue. Look...

It is actually a bit less blue toned than this in real life, but this is the closest I could get. This is 3 coats with base and top. It is really a 2 coater, but I applied it really badly (due to me being an idiot and not turning a light on) so needed the 3rd to even out the sides where I missed!

This is the first Misa I have tried and I can't wait to try more. This colour is so interesting and unique and it applied really well. It also dried really shiney and didn't actually need a top coat, but I did one anyway out of habit.

I can totally understand the hype over this polish - it is......erm...I can't actually think of an appropriate word. Awesome? Yeah, a less cheesy version of awesome!



  1. I love it! Its on my wishlist ;)

  2. gorgeous, looks fab on you..I didnt like it on me..its gone in the swap pile!!

  3. It's great. One of those polishes you look at and can identify right away.

  4. tasha - I don't think you would be disappointed!

    Rebekah - That's a shame. Maybe you should give it another go? I think it's so pretty!

    Jenni - It is a pretty special one. I'm looking at it now in my bed-side-lamp-lit bedroom and it looks jade. I love it :)