Sunday, 27 June 2010

Orly's - Rage and Prince Charming

Good evening everyone.

I hope you have all had a nice weekend and are not too disappointed with the football result today :(

Last time I posted was Thursday!! So...I gave blood Friday - and almost fainted but didn't thanks to the nurse tipping me upside down on the bed and putting wet tissue all over me! Lol. It was a bit scary and did give me a really weird feeling just as I finished my donation, but it won't put me off and I will be giving blood again in a few months.I went to a beautiful wedding yesterday - everything was so stunning and perfect. And of course we couldn't have asked for better weather. So I just want to send a congratulations out to the happy new husband and wife.

For the wedding I decided to wear Rage (the rose gold from the Orly Foil FX) as my dress had pinky coloured flours on.

This picture is not too great as it was taken in the campervan.

Application on my behalf wasn't great. I did this while the other half was in the bathroom. This is 2 coats. I love this collection - they are so shiney and pretty, but I seem to always get tip shrinkage with them. It happened on one nail with Luxe, but this time they all did it! It's so wierd because all my other Orly's are perfect! It must just be something in this formula that doesn't agree with Essie Good to Go topcoat.

So today I took this off as it was looking tatty and replace it with one of my favourites - Prince Charming.

This was 2 coats. This is a really chic colour and from swatches I've seen looks very similar to Chanel's Particuliere. Speaking of Chanel's. I had a quick look on ebay the other day as I was curious to see if there were any bargains...people were bidding £40/50 for a bottle?!?!!?!? I cannot believe matter how much I fall in love with a colour I would never pay this! Is anyone with me here? It is crazyness!!


  1. Those are stoooooopid prices.
    You lucky Orly-babe. You got some goodies there. Lookin' fab.

  2. Lol. I bought them off of Head to Toe Beauty. Have you ever bought off them? Orly's are $3.75 - such a bargain. My friend works in a salon and they sell them for £9 a pop. Last time I bought 6 polishes and postage cost £15.70 for all of them. You should have a look if you haven't already!