Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Nails Inc - Crown Court

Hello nail polishers :)

Today I have for you another little gem from the Nails inc Metallics collection - which is turning out to be more shimmer than metallic!

I have been wearing this colour a lot recently on my toes, as it just shines in the sun and is just such a nice deep colour. I've notice that I'm much more of a dark/bright colour pedi girl.

This is 2 coats and taken with artificial flash. As you an see, Crown Court is a really deep red toned purple...amethest probably. It doesn't dry very shiney which is strange, but I always use top coat so that's not a problem. You can click on the pics to enlarge them to get a better look by the way.

This one is taken in a sunny room. See how different it looks? It's really not this burgandy at all in the sun, but I wanted to show you more of the pretty shimmer anyway.

In the shade and inside you can just about tell that it's purple and not black, so pretty vampy looking.

I would put this in my top 5 favourite polishes! It's perfect for all the time and looks stunning when you get in that sunshine.

Please love this as much as I do? :)

Tilly x


  1. I like the fact that it's bi-faceted. Cool polish.

  2. Oooh. There's a word I've not heard before! It is an interesting one.