Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Bottles and Ciate LA Confidential PICTURE HEAVY!!

Happy Friday everyone...well almost!

Today I would like to show you some new polishes I have recently purchased. I would like you to all please vote for the colour you would like to see the most as I love them ALL!


Not the clearest picture I'll admit but with a flash it just washes every colour out!

So l-r = (Nails inc "Jetsetter's Collection") All Saints Row (medium blue creme), Oxford Circus (pale pink creme), Devonshire Row (medium plum creme), Eden Grove (jade green creme) and Nfu Oh # 81 (reddy orange with lighter orange glitter)

l-r again = Orly Rage (rose gold foil metallic), Orly Shine (silver foil metallic), Orly Luxe (gold foil metallic), Color Club Sexy Siren (turquoisey blue glitter), Color Club Magic Attraction (pink and cilver holo glitter), OPI Dulce de Luce (pinky beige nude).

Those Orly's are HOT!!! I cannot wait to wear them all. I also adore the sparkle in the Color Clubs and the Nails Inc are really fun colours for summer - sorry about how terrible that pic is btw it really doesn't do them justice.

So I decided to swatch the Orly's and Color Club over MUA Shade 1 - just because I couldn't wait!!

Thumb - luxe, index - shine, middle - rage, ring - magic attraction and pinky - sexy siren.

Then I took all those off and got ready for my Patriotic mani...

Yes, this isn't patriotic at all, but there is still 1 working day left. I shouldn't really be wearing this to work tomorrow, but as it's a Friday I can get away with it!

This is 3 coats of Ciate LA Confidential. It is a lovely milky white. There is still VNL but I really like it because it's not chalky and harsh, but actually very chic. 1 coat looks really nice too, just gives a nice healthy colour and shine to your nails. The pinky star is done freehand (badly) in Orly Luxe...doesn't she shine nice though?

Part 2 of my mani will be completed tomorrow after work, but I may not have time to show you until Sunday as I, again, am neglecting the world of blogging for the weekend. Shock! Horror!!

So as I said - I want you to tell me which new polish I should wear for my mani next weekend!! I say next weekend as these aren't quite office appropriate. Lol.

Gosh I am rambling a lot...have nice weekends everybody :) :) :) :) :)

Tilly xx


  1. The Fu or a Color Club, please.

  2. Love the Orlys and the Color Clubs!

  3. I'll vote for the Nails Inc - I've not seen the Jetsetter collection before - where did you find it?

  4. Hi Cali369 - the jetsetter's collection I bought off of QVC. You can find them if you search for jetsetter collection at - they are £22.50 for 5. The colours above plus the Caviar Top Coat!! If you go to the website they have better pictures too. They are really lovely cremes :)