Monday, 26 July 2010

Models Own - Purple Haze. PURPLE + GLITTER!!!

Good morning!

I have an amazing treat for you today...

Well what a little stunner this girl is! Purple Haze is a bright/dark purple glitter with a clear base. The camera (again) couldn't pick up the correct colour for this. Imagine it as a pink toned purple rather than blue - very pretty. This is 2 think coats. You really can't help but to apply thick coats as it is a thick polish. I was a bit disappointed in the finish in this as it dried very matte, bumpy and not sparkly or shiney at all. I needed 1 coat of Essie G2G and 2 coats of Caviar top coats! It's still not perfectly smooth, but good enough for me. This is my first Models Own I have tried and will definately try out some others, maybe a creme or shimmer? Any recommendations?

I'm not looking forward to the removal of this, but I'm planning on doing the tin foil trick - probably while the boy is surfing while in Devon. I'm going to take Off With Her Red with me to paint my nails mid-week. I'm hoping this won't chip and will last me until then!

I hope you all have a nice week.

See you soon!


  1. It looks good but it's a shame about the finish.

    MO have a great website and they make their products look good. Their packaging and service is good too. But the polishes never seem quite to live up to expectations. Perhaps it's just me....

  2. MO have sooo many great colours. I love Purple-Grey <3

  3. I've never tried Models Own, but I love the look of this!