Sunday, 1 August 2010

Miners - Denim Shorts

Hello everyone.

After a really nice week away, I am back home and have the Sunday blues :( It always happens doesn't it, that feeling of "I'm-going-to-jack-my-job-in-and-move-to-where-I-went-on-holiday!" Ah well.

I bought this colour in Devon on a make-up stand of a cosmetic company I've not heard of before - Miners. They have a website and they describe this colour as "a washed out blue with light pink undertones, a perfect shade for the beach or to brighten up a natural, plain look." It is really pretty, but unfortunately not as blue on the nail than in the bottle. It looks almost like mother of pearl on the nail. I think maybe it would be better described as a subtle pink shimmer with a blue base. This is a makes a nice change for me, I normally wear quite saturated colours so this is quite refreshing. Above is 2 coats of Denim Shorts with top coat. Their other Spring/Summer colours are very pretty and remind me of the Zoya Reverie Collection with the different duochrome tones.

That's all for today. Hope you've all had nice weekends :)

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