Saturday, 7 August 2010

Orly - Iron Butterfly

Today I am showcasing you my only matte in my collection - Orly's Iron Butterfly. It is amazing! This is 2 coats with base coat. The makers of matte polishes say you shouldn't use a base coat, but I've heard from other bloggers that you will get staining if you don't. I love this colour - it is a charcoal black with silver shimmer. It dries pretty quickly so you have to work quickly when applying. This picture was taken this morning, but after I spent the morning (and afternoon) shopping I noticed that the matteness had started to become a bit more satiny rather than a real non-shine matte. This was slightly dissapointing as I had to reapply another coat to matte it up again!

Of course - I couldn't resist putting a high shine top coat on this afternoon...

...again, quite lovely!

I know the matte look is a bit like marmite - but what do you guys think about it?

Tilly, xx


  1. I love the matte! this is going on my wishlist!

  2. This looks really pretty! I always use base coat, even with matte polishes, and it's never affected the finish.

  3. Smita - I hope you like it too!

    Zara - Glad you like the swatch. I don't really understand why they advise it!? Strange...