Monday, 23 August 2010

Essie - Downtown Brown

Hi everyone. Today I went for one of my untrieds - Essie's Downtown Brown. Above is 3(!!) coats and I still have bald and streaky patches. I think it probably could do with another 2 to even it all out however, it is a yummy red-toned brown colour though. I think this is an old Essie as even with a quick dry top coat it took ages to dry completely. Overall, it's a nice colour, but not unique and you can definately get something closer with a much better formula. My recommendation would be to go for something like the Ciate I posted a couple of months ago here.

Sorry for being a bit quiet this weekend, something happened within my family that was a bit out of the blue and kinda disrupted things.

I hope you all had a nice weekend - did you do anything good?


  1. i've just bought this! had a manicure with this colour years ago and have been searching for it since. i am fully expecting the formula to be awful as most essies are but so thrilled to have found the colour. i think it looks lovely on your nails.

  2. I'm your new follower. Really like your blog!
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