Saturday, 14 August 2010

My BB Babies and Funky French

As I told you on Thursday I received my very first BB Couture polishes, so here they are...

l-r Napa Valley Red, Sea of Cortez and Union Square

I can't believe I waited so long to order these! I ordered them from the lovely Kim at Overall Beauty. I love BB's range - their colours are so unique and beautiful and I think for my first 3 I picked some real good'uns. These cost me £25 including postage, and paying through Paypal meant I was charged just under £2 for the privilege of buying something in dollars!

I've already worn Napa Valley Red (forgot to take pictures but will definately be wearing again soon) and although it's kinda sad, I am planning on wearing Sea of Cortez when I go on holiday in September - obviously I will be taking another polish, but this one I want to travel in! Lol.

I also picked up this Models Own the other day - Green Flash. I've not tried it out yet but will obviously post pics when I do.

For my mani today I took (alot) of inspiration from Shiny Little Nails - I hope she doesn't mind, but I bought some nail guides the other week and really wanted to try them out.

I did the tips with Essie Peach Daiquri - 2 coats - and I don't have a dotting tool, so I used the pin of an earring to do the dots on the pinky. I'm really not digging the dots too much because they look a bit messy, but think I will invest in a dotting tool.

I also found using the guides a bit tricky but I think with practice they will be quite good.

Do you have any BB's? If so which ones do recommend that aren't already on my wishlist?


  1. Yeah, I have a few BBs. Dragons' Breath is a must-have - purple jelly. Kelly's Green - avocado with bits. Studio 54 - but ALL their greens are wonderful. Redwood Forest. Just get all the BBs you can. Cortez doesn't suit me. And the men's range is great. I have Impact Driver. The men's polishes have some really funky colours.

  2. Hi Jen! I remember seeing your swatch of Dragon's Breath - that is definately on my list! I looked at the mens and they are really cool! Incognito has stuck in my mind. I'm very impressed.