Friday, 20 August 2010

BB Couture - Napa Valley Red

Oooooh. I heart this!

This is 2 coats of sparkly jelly goodness. Sooo amazing! I could have done with another coat because as you can see it is a bit light around the edges. The formula is pretty good, I had to be careful with cuticle drag, but this could just be me.

I'm afraid my picture doesn't do this polish justice, but you've seen other swatches.

Now I have a question, I was lusting after Eyeko's Vampira Polish for a while - do you think this is close to that?

Also, when I was on Eyeko's website I decided to become an ambassador! So if any of you have any orders enter code E10650 where it says ambassador code and you receive a free gift!! How cool is that? And if you spend over £10 then you can qualify for their free polish of the week - and delivery is free in the UK!!!

Think I will put my order in now :)


  1. I have this and Vampira and they're not dupes. Vampira is worth getting.

  2. Oooh I will then - thanks Jen.

  3. It is really pretty sonidlo. Click the picture to see it in more detail too!

  4. I clicked on it and it´s beautiful!

  5. Very pretty red! I love the glitters in it- it takes it to another level!