Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Avon Nailwear Pro - Wicked

I will let the pictures speak for themselves with this one...

Outside in shade
Outside with flash
Inside at dusk with ceiling lighting
I apologise that the last picture isn't too clear, but this is what the polish looks like most of the time. Wicked is definately up there in my top 10 favourite polishes of all time. Everything about it I love - the colour, the subtle but stunning shimmer, the bottle, the brush, the formula...I could go on. It is a vampy brown/black creme but with this sexy cherry/brown shimmer running through it. I love that it looks black, but when you get close it's like "whoa". This line of polishes from Avon is much better than the one I showed you on Monday. The nailwear pro's are much more professional, bigger, more user friendly bottles, perfect brush and formula. This is 2 coats with top and base and I think it looks really expensive.

I've just had a look on the Avon site and have found that their Nailwear Pros are half price - so only £3 a bottle!!! They have some really stunning colours too (loving the look of Vintage Blue and Green With Envy), although I can't see this one so maybe they've discontinued it?

Have a look if you fancy snapping up a bargain by!

Sorry for the ramblings, but I'm quite in love with this one <3>


  1. I don't have any Avon polishes, but I'm actually planning to order some soon. This may be on my list!

  2. yay this is lush

    I just ordered both the greens :-) been waiting too long for us to get them here!!

  3. Zara - I hope it comes back! I couldn't see it on their website earlier :(

    Rebekah - Both greens look lovely, but I can't bring myself to by another mint. I'll probably snag the darker one though :) I love these polishes :)

  4. Avon's really been doing some great polishes lately. I might have to get some.

  5. They really have KarenD. I'm impressed with how high end they look! Let me know which ones you opt for :)