Thursday, 19 August 2010


Helloooo everyone,

The winner of my giveaway is..........

Well done girl :)

So it turns out I didn't make myself clear enough when I launched the giveaway - I meant that it was only open to my existing 50 followers, but as I had quite a few new followers enter (and when I re-read the original post, realised I wasn't that clear about the first 50 followers thing) I thought it only fair to enter all of you.

But, I gave my first guys an extra entry. gave me....

If you don't get how this meant Ria won, then email me and I will happily explain - i just don't want to babble on about it on here and bore everyone to death!

So there it is, my first giveaway is over and thanks you guys for all the great suggestions of polish. I'm going to investigate tomorrow night and update my need list soon :)

Thanks again to everyone who entered.