Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Avon Arabian Glow - Teal Infusion

My mum hates polish on her fingers, so I've started painting her toe nails once a week. Last night I picked out this little girl for her and loved it so much on her toes that I put it on for my mani :)

This polish is one of 3 colours of the Arabian Glow polishes - the others being a purple and a gold. Teal Infusion is a pretty, bright turquoise with a hidden, subtle green shimmer that only comes out in certain lighting.

Bottom label shot is because that hideous label takes up all of the bottle in the top picture. You can see here that the colour doesn't look different on the nail. I did 2 coats, but could have done with 3 as it is slightly patchy in places.

This is a stunning colour for summer and love it equally on toes and fingers. These are £6 for an 8ml bottle, but I got this when it was just released so think it was only about £3. I think it's a gorgeous polish, but there are bigger (size-wise) and better polishes out there for £6. Definately one to invest in if you see it on offer though (which they normally are).

That's all for today. Little Milly got spayed today so I'm going to go and give her lots of cuddles and affection.

Tilly, x


  1. Stunning indeed!I'll go and buy this tomorrow!

  2. Yes, it's good at £3. Not so much at £6.
    Spaying can really discumbobulate a little bitch. Poor Milly.

  3. Thanks Ria :) I can't actually think of a colour that this is similar too either. It's not the best formula though which is a shame.

    She seemed a bit dazed and confused earlier jaljen, but is now full of beans again! Trying to stop her from jumping from heights as she normally does and also keeping her away from the boisterous boy for a few days too.