Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hot Glittery Neon-ness!

Above is 2 coats of Essie Mini Shorts - An orange neon. I love this colour - it is actually a few shades redder and MUCH neon in real life!

I wanted to try out my nfu oh so I put one layer of #81 over the top.

This has a pinky orange base with pink and yellow/gold glitter. As you can see it is very fine and subtle on the nail but I really like it. I wanted to try and make a colour similar to BB Couture's Painted Lady. I saw a swatch on Dr. Frankenpolish's blog a while ago and have been lusting over it ever since and although this is close, it's no cigar!

There are definately quite a few BB's that I NEED in my collection so I think I will be doing a mini haul later this month.

Do you have any recommendation for where to get BB's from?

Tilly xx


  1. I dont know where they sell BBs! I love this manicure! Very nice for the summer ;)

  2. I've gotten BB Couture from; not sure what their international shipping is like, though.

    This mani looks very juicy!