Monday, 5 July 2010

Nails Inc - Devonshire Row

Hello to you all on this lovely Monday evening.

I hope you've all had a nice weekend - mine was the best I've had for a while!

Bad news with AA - I had about 3 chips on Saturday so it had to come off :(

This is 2 coats of Nails Inc Devonshire Row. I got it with part of the Jetsetters Collection. It's a lovely medium purple creme which looks this colour outside, but a bit pinker inside. I have tipwear as I have been wearing it for a day already.

When I first got this I was worried it would be close to Paris - which I got in the Diet Coke offer - but they are really different...

As you can see Paris is much deeper and redder than Devonshire Row - both are really pretty though. I love DR for the summer, so will be wearing again soon I'm sure!

Love Tilly xx

P.S Please excuse my super dry hands. I have just run out of moisturiser :'( they feel like sandpaper! Quick question...I've seen some Essie lotions on ebay and they sound yummy - anyone have these and are they any good??


  1. Good and shiny Nails Inc.
    I'll put olive oil on my hands rather than buy expensive stuff. It seems to work fine! I'm so cheap.

  2. I like those 2 colors a lot! Never tried Essie Moisturizer... let us know how it is!

  3. jaljen: I am a bit of a nails inc lover. I love their colours and also find them easy to work with. I might try the olive oil. We currently only have olive oil/balsamic vinegar in a bottle and am not that keen on smelling of vinegar! lol. But I'll definately get some tomorrow.

    tasha~: I think I will get one of the essie's on order too. They have a coconut and pineapple smelling one - not sure I can resist that! I will do a review when I get round to buying one.

  4. I definitely prefer the top one!
    I wouldn't recommend balsamic vinegar dressing :p

  5. Rebecca: I'm going to give the plain olive oil a go tonight lol. I think I prefer the top one too, just a bit. Maybe because it's just more summery for the moment :)