Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Konad French and Lippy

Today I have 2 different things for you.

First up is your generic french manicure with a bit of konading. I used the image on plate m26. The image was a bit small for what I wanted, so I had to extend it a bit which was terribly fiddly. For the purple I used Essie Bermuda Shorts.

-P.S. I am not 80, just a lazy 20 year old who hasn't yet done the olive oil trick - I will tomorrow, I promise!

While I was out today having a little look around on my lunch break, I noticed my Superdrug had stocked up their MUA stand. I looked at the polishes, but nothing caught my eye there and then I saw this!

I never wear lipstick, but I so want to be brave enough to wear red. I also have no idea what toned red I should go for to suit my skin, but I liked this one. It is MUA Shade 1 - a nice deep red (and of course only £1). It applies really smooth and creamy and I love the way it looks...in my own home at least. I'm going to try very hard to wear this at the weekend (infront of other people...eek!)
I also think my lips are kinda weird shaped and a bit pouty so I'm a bit self concious of making them look even more so in this vivid colour.

Are you brave enough to wear red lippy or am I on my own with this one?


  1. Pouty lips are great. Wear that red. Wear it everywhere. I assume you are very pale. It looks great on you. That's a blue red. Check how it works with your teeth too.

  2. I'm not brave enough! You look great!

  3. I LOVE that lippy on you, looks fantastic!
    I occasionally wear red lippy when the outift demands it.

  4. jaljen: I am quite pale yes, and as you can see LOTS of freckles. I do get a bit of a tan though :)

    DeserNails8: Thank you :)

    Rebecca: Thank you too. I admire you for being brave. I'm sure if I wore it nobody's going to look at me and go: "Oooh! Look at her she's wearing red lipstick!" lol.