Friday, 23 July 2010

Nails Inc - All Saints Row

Good Morning my amigos!

Last night I painted my nails in Nails inc's All Saints Row last night, but had to wait for the light this morning before I could take pictures.

This was part of the Jetsetter's Collection I got off of QVC. This was a one coater - but above is 2 because I needed to neaten up the sides. The picture is colour accurate - it is a medium blue. I thought I had been swatching loads of blues lately but I looked and this is my only true blue creme. The rest are either shimmer, glitter or cremes with a but of purple in them.

I also used the Nails inc Caviar top coat. It has a lovely consistency and is thinner than my Essie Good to Go, but I prefer it because it's easier to apply. Doesn't dry as quick - but still pretty fast.

Let me know if you've picked up any of the Nails inc collections. They are about £20 - £25 from QVC for about 4/5 which is a really good price!

Tilly, x


  1. I'm a bit iffy about Nails Inc. They never quite turn out the way I thought.

    And where do they get all these different shades from? They must have hundreds and hundreds of colour names out there. Is it one big brew and they just rebadge it???