Saturday, 24 July 2010

Orly Shine

Wow. I am very impressed with this. Look how shiney it is! I mean I kinda guessed it might be abit shiney as that's it's name, but this is ridiculous. This is taken under lots of grey cloud!

2 coats of the glorious Orly Shine. With the Luxe and Rage I experienced some pretty bad shrinkage, but this time I used Nails Inc Caviar top coat instead of Essie Good to Go and I have none :) This is my most favourite collection ever! I love the metallicness and the microglitter, means that in the sunlight as well as being reflective, it is also sparkly. This silver also never leans green. I have Essie loophole and sometimes in indoors it can look a bit...I don't know, unclean kinda, this is just gorgeous in every light.

I am going to visit and stay at my Dad's new home today. He moved to the Norfolk Broads last week and loves it. I can't wait to be by the coast :)

Also, something random. I was driving to work the other day and saw a car and thought "Oh, I wonder what nail polish that colour is!" Do you ever think that or am I being getting possessed??

Tilly, xx


  1. I love silvers and that Orly collection is outstanding. Rage is a fabulous polish. I don't have it though....

    I have wondered about car colours in terms of polish....yes.

  2. I love that collection. I recently got Rage and Luxe but didn't think I wanted Shine, but I think I want it now! :) Looks gorgeous on you.

    And yes...I don't even know how many times I've seen something and thought, "I want nail polish in that color!"

  3. It is a wonderful collection, I wish I owned stuff from it!
    A home in the Norfolk broads sounds lovely.

  4. Jenni - You should get Rage, it is really amazing!

    Zara - Thank you :) I think I might start taking pictures of cars I like the colour of and post them on here so hopefully someone can come up with a good dupe for a polish colour! lol.

    Rebecca - I'm planning a giveaway soon, keep your eyes peeled ;) The house is lovely. It's so lovely around that area.