Monday, 12 July 2010

My Silvers - Comparison

It's Monday again! They come around way too quickly.

I thought that today I would show you my silvers. I only have 3 but thought you might like to see them.

l-r Collection 2000 Inca Silver, Orly Shine and Essie Loophole.

2 coats of colour only with flash.

Collection 2000 Inca Silver is a shiney silver foil - very similar to Shine, but the foil effect is not as fine and the particles slightly more chunkier.
Orly Shine is another shiney silver foil. This, in my opinion, is prettier than Inca Silver - just because it is shinier and the foil particles are finer and more glittery.
Essie Loophole is a plain silver. I am not overwhelmed by this silver. It looks really plain in anything other than flash and sun and compared to the other 2 is just not as pretty.

Without flash.

You can see what I mean about Loophole - kinda boring - and how the Orly is much shinier than Collection 2000.

Shine is definately my favourite, but would certainly recommend Inca Silver to you as it's cheaper and easier to get hold of for you UK ladies.

Love Tilly xx