Wednesday, 14 July 2010

17 Toasted Almond and Some Stash Pics

Hello everyone! Today I have a 17 colour for you - Toasted Almond.

This is 3 coats of Toasted Almond. It is a frosty champagney beige. Again another colour I don't like :( what's going on???!!! I keep picking bad 'uns lately. I would love it if someone could suggest a colour I will love because I am a very unmotivated girl at the moment.

This cheered me up though!

l-r Silver Fox, Pink Fizz, Magenta Divine, Purple Haze, Emerald City, Gold Finger.
I got these for under a tenner including p&p on ebay the other day. I wish I could wear these now but I have 2 more days of work left :(

Also some pictures of my stash...I was reorganising.

Meet the big cat - Smokey. He's quite an independant boy and doesn't like it when Milly goes for his big bushy tail!

Tilly. x


  1. Love the stash pic - those cats look to be on a different scale to each other!

  2. They are Cali369! Milly is just absolutley minute. Smokey is a Maine Coon so is an absolute monster. My friends call him the lion cat! lol.

  3. I thought the little cat was an ornament! Good heavens!

    Peach? Not a snack offer but work-appropriate polish?

  4. That's a perfect suggestion jaljen. I don't actually have a peach, but I've liked China Glaze Peachy Keen for a while now.

  5. Fluffy!!! Awww.
    From 17 you could try Pink Grapefruit. Awesome pink shade.

  6. Thank you for the tip Rebacca - I will keep an eye out for it!