Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Rimmel - 805 Grey Matter

This is 2 coats of Grey Matter - a lovely medium grey creme. I LOVE the brush. It is really wide, you almost only need one stroke to cover the nail. I thought it would be hard to use but it's so easy - this picture is with no clean-up and it also dries very quickly.

I wore this shiney for a day and then got curious as to what it would look like matted up.

Above is with one coat of Orly's Nails for Males Matte Top Coat. It gives an edgy satiny finish. I really like this. Not very summery, but still pretty cool!

I'm kinda off the hook for 2 weeks while one of (the strickest) women at work is on holiday, means I can get away with wearing some non-work colours for a while...yay :)

Tilly, xx


  1. Oh wow, I really like it mattified! Gorgeous.

  2. Me too Rebecca. I love wearing polishes matte but wonder if normal people look at my nails and don't know what's going on?! Lol.

  3. I love the grey polishes. looks fab matte.

  4. Like both these versions. Very into restful shades at the moment. Reminds me to get a matte coat.

  5. I love Rimmel polishes, and they do have great brushes!

  6. Ohh I like it! The Rimmel polishes are surprisingly good!