Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Nails Inc. Villiers Street

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Today I have for you a totally gorgeous berry red shimmer/metallic(?).

Villiers Street was in my "Metallics" collection from QVC. I'm finding it hard to tell if it is really a metallic or not. I guess it is kinda, but in my opinion it is a really subtle metallic finish.

We've not had any sunshine today, so I'm afraid this was taken in my bedroom and the colour adjusted. I promise if there is sun tomorrow morning I will fire up my laptop and post a picture before I head off to work at 7am :)

It applied amazingly - this was 2 coats, although it probably could be a one coater - i just don't feel right doing just one. The more I look at it the more it is becoming my favourite red. It's unlike any other reds I have. I've got Orly - Monroe's Red, a total pin-up red, slightly more orange toned than this. Then I have Nails Inc - Victoria, a real vampy red. This is just a real true red!

I urge you to buy it, although I don't think it's for sale on it's own, so you may just have to buy the whole metallics collection from QVC for around £20. But trust won't be disappointed. I will be sampling more of the beauties from this collection very soon. I do have the dark purple metallic - Crown Court - on my tootsies at the moment, but wasn't sure how well a foot shot would go down!
Tilly xx


In the "sun".

Still doesn't do this justice. It's just a tad deeper and so much morevivid in real life. *sigh* I tried to get it right, I guess some colours just don't want to be photographed.


  1. I wouldn't say it's a metallic. More pearlised shimmer. Looks great on you. People should rock these reds in summer and spring. They thrive on sunlight.

  2. That is a perfect description for it. Some of these colors in the "metallic" collection are really not proper metallics at all! But still lovely though.

    And this would look really good with a tan!

  3. Ooh that is really pretty x

  4. Thanks Michelle. After 3 days it is a little chipped now, but thought I would experiment, so put Orly Matte top coat over it. Looks stunning. Kinda Zoya Posh!! Very nice. I think next time I will wear it matte!