Saturday, 29 May 2010

Ciate Paint Pots Finds!

Hello everyone.

Before I start on what I've been up to today, check out Villiers Street with Orly Matte Top Coat...

Excuse the 3 day old manicure please :)

Today me and the mother went on a quick shopping spree to primark. I managed to get a full summer wardrobe including tops, tunics, dresses, sandals and sunglasses for under £60. I was so impressed. I'll have to show you the cutest tunic when I wear it. It's beige and has black swallows all over it. SO cute and was a fiver!!!

However, my bargain finding didn't stop there...we ventured into Debenhams and I came across a stand with Ciate nail polishes on for - get this - £1!!!! There was just one colour - Silk Stockings, and from all I could see they were just discontinued and looked like they needed a shake. So I immediately picked one up and made my way to the till. But lo and behold there were more at the till!!

I picked up one of each available.

L-R LA Confidential - a milky white creme
Silk Stockings - a custardy yellow creme
Mine's a Mocha - a rich brown/slightly red creme
Super Sexy Dry - To be honest I just bought this for the sake of it. Not entirely 100% sure what it is. You use it on top of a top coat :S
Hangover Cure - cuticle treatment

These were all £1 each!! They retail at like £7.25 upwards.

I couldn't wait to try out silk stockings, so here it is.

It's safe to say that I am definately a fan. Not just of this colour but of the brand too. The bottles obviously are just the cutest ever, but also really practical. The handle of the brush is so nice to use because it's super long. The brush is flat and wide and the polish applied lovely too. This is 3 problem free coats - it could have been less but I wanted this look more opaque.

I have a great idea for LA confidential with the football coming up :) I'm sure you can guess what I'm thinking...

Do you like Ciate polishes too?

Tilly x

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  1. I bet I would like 'em if I tried 'em!!!
    Well done!

    Debenhams, eh? On my to-do list for half-term...