Sunday, 23 May 2010


I have to wear work appropriate colours all week so I like to wear something bright and fun at the weekend - especially when it is sooo sunny like it is this weekend in England.

The other week I went on a mission to find my most perfect bright coral and scoured the internet for ages looking at a LOT of different swatches. In the end I decided to get Essie Peach Daiquiri. I have found an amazing Ebayer in America that sells Essie, Color Club, OPI and China Glaze at VERY good prices, especially considering Color Club and China Glaze aren't available in the UK. Their name is beautyzone2007. Postage is also very cheap and everytime I've used them, my items have arrived within a week of purchasing! From America!!!

So back to Peach really is a beautiful bright sometimes pinky, sometimes orangey coral. I believe it's quite an old Essie, and was a little bit runny, but did apply really well with a loaded brush.
I decided to do something a little fun with it so I did a little konad design in Konad White, plate m26 - the 3 flowers. I did the full pattern on my pinkies and just the medium on the other nails in the bottom corner. My Konading skills really aren't great. I'm really lazy so just do it on my bed on top of my laptop. This would probably look amazing if I bothered to clear my desk and clean the plate and scraper with polish remover between each Konad. Maybe it's just because I know I'll have to take it off later for work tomorrow!

Here is 2 thick coats with basecoat, top coat, konad white and then konad top coat!

Do you like this coral? I think it is pretty much the perfect coral. I hope you have lots of sunshine too today. I'll be going to the garden now to play with the kitten and have a bbq later :) Summer has started...yay!!


  1. Nice mani.. cute and subtle. I like the placement of the single flower on your nail. I always do things smack dab in the middle but the flowers look really cute down by your cuticle.

  2. Thank you :) I usually do the same but thought I would try something different for a change :) x